the Book of angels

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Would you want to be an angel? The pay's terrible and you get nothing but complaints from dissatisfied mortals.

This exciting new collection brings together the writing talents of international fantasy author A J Dalton, Matt White (prize-winning scriptwriter), Caimh McDonnell (writer for Mock the Week), Sammy HK Smith (friend to gods and demons), Andrew Coulthard (award-nominated short story writer) and Michael Bowman (widely worshipped by those who know about such things).


"I especially loved The Watcher by Sammy Smith (I cried, a lot)."



"Compelling stuff
Wow! This collection puts you through all the emotions.... 'The Watcher' (made me cry)"


willow, weep no more

Fairy tales once held an important place in the lives of people of all ages and social rank.

Handed down from generation to generation like precious heirlooms, these stories told of the struggles between good and evil, rich and poor, and were particularly fond of demonstrating how we reap what we sow. They served both as social commentary and morality lessons, often seasoned with magic spells, mythical creatures, enchanted objects, and best of all, they allowed even the lowliest people to believe there is reason to hope and dream. Willow, Weep No More is a collection of traditionally-inspired tales that capture the magic and charm of these stories, whilst seeking to explore the depths of human strength, wisdom and beauty. Not suitable for under 12's.


"Raindrop has some wonderfully traditional elements of past fairytales, but with its own unique voice. This is a beautiful tale of looking beyond the surface of a person and their masks. (Spoiler Alert) It magically and elegantly shows how love can soften even the hardest heart of stone and lift any curse. I love raindrop's character and this is a story I am likely to read often."



"An amazing collection of stories! 100% recommended. I could not bring myself to put it down until the very last page. Looking forward to more like this!"


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strange tales from the scriptorian vaults


When the newly-promoted Sergeant Crystal Lewis and her military team loop to a parallel world, they discover a London very different to those their agency have investigated elsewhere.

Steam powered ships fill the sky, metal creatures scurry through the streets, and the Great Library is now nothing more than a burnt out shell; the history, knowledge and literature of the world has been destroyed. Crystal's investigations discover the records of the Scriptorians: elite explorers, scientists and chroniclers, chosen for their wordsmith abilities, their tenacious belief in uncovering the truth, their passion for the bizarre and baffling. There is some evidence that these mysterious adventurers, fighters and writers also discovered the technology to loop and visit other parallel worlds.

Here are some of their tales... Zoë Harris offers us a vision of feminism taken to extremes, while Ken Dawson has the epitome of the pushy parent at the heart of his story; Jake Finlay's and Ross Kitson's stories are concerned with moral dilemmas in research and medicine and both consider the nature of immortality; Steven J. Guscott gives a novel twist to the Frankenstein story; David Muir's central character is an apparently immortal warrior; on lighter note, Paul Freeman gives us a hero easily swayed by a pretty face and adventue, and Robert Peett shows a world of strange invasions, infections and mutations, and at the end, Sammy H.K Smith shows how it all began with the daring Lady Pippa Raven - the first true Scriptorian.

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Felinity, noun, plural fel-in-ities.

1. The quality of being cat-like.

2. A divine being, a cat.

Grimbold Books is proud to present our first Kristell Inkling, a collection of feline inspired flash fiction stories written by authors from all around the world.

This collection celebrates what we regard as the most important factor when writing: write foremost for pleasure. The stories showcased in this book are full of laughter, grit, odd contraptions and a lot of fur, with a loud purring nod to our beloved genres of science fiction and fantasy.

From A.F.E Smith’s unique twist on Schrödinger’s cat, to Joel Cornah’s world-jumping old queen, from Clare Neilson’s steampunk creation to Tina Closser’s dragon fighting dreaming kitty, these alternate feline worlds are bound to delight sci fi/fantasy readers and cat lovers alike.

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